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The Brow Is Now

The Association’s best scorer was back on the floor, and the league’s soon to be best player just beasted Kevin Durant right off it.

Anthony Davis is a really nice guy. And a really bad dude. And he couldn’t have cared less about Durant’s comeback.

The sappy little Tuesday script said that KD was supposed to make his season debut, energize OKC, and stroke 20-something points. And he did. And it didn’t matter. Because last night the reigning MVP could have dropped 30 and the future MVP was still too filthy.

The guy who hadn’t played in over 6 months went for 27, 3, and 2. But the guy who’s going to dominate for the next decade plus dropped a statline that sounds like a serial number. Write this down: In 39 minutes, the Brow went for 25, 10, 6, and 4. Last night he was the best player on the floor.

Couple funny things happened while Durant’s been sitting around in a suit. The Thunder lost a ton of games. And Davis started taking over the NBA.

Find me another 6’10 21 year old who’s going to rip six STEALS in a game. You can’t. You couldn’t build one in a lab. And find me any other superstar who’s going to outfreak this dude.

KD’s not going to be the last MVP to get his night ruined by Davis. I’m not sure LeBron wants any part of him. I’m positive Derrick Rose doesn’t. Those guys are all supposed to be in their primes. Davis may not hit his for a few more years but he’s already punking the league’s best on a nightly basis… Be very afraid.

He ruined Durant’s comeback. He’s wrecking the league. Welcome back KD. Pass the torch to AD. The Brow is Now.

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