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The Big Hippie Reaches Deep

Now we know why the Knicks are paying Phil Jackson all that jack. Sure the Knicks are a disaster, but Big Hippie Zen is reaching deep into his bag of tricks to turn them around.

With his team beginning a three game road trip last night, Jackson burned some sage, cited some philosophy and tweeted the Bockers some food for thought. “@nyknicks Go get some road wins this week.”

Well my mind is blown. Its times like these we get reminded that he’s the zenmaster, and the rest of us are Zen Students.

In fact, I don’t even know who originally said that. What is Confucius or Karl Marx? Because it sounded like any Egg tweeter in the Knicks mentions folder. Help me out here, Zen. Wasn’t it Socrates who once said “Play some defense for God’s sake.”

I remember when I was in college, I had a quote from Thomas Hobbes over my desk which read “Try to actually get within 20 points tonight, losers.”

Isn’t this the guy who used to keep his Bulls and Lakers on the practice court for an extra hour just so he could read some passage from Aristotle or Sun Tzu? Now he’s taking 12 seconds to tweet 30 characters and cashing a check.

And somehow it didn’t work. Maybe the deeper themes in that message were lost on the Knicks, but they lost to Houston last night. Time to break out the heavy lumber, Mr.Team President. Line up some rings on your middle fingers and Instagram them to the team. It’s a philosophical tactic dating back to 400 AD. The only way you’re going to get to Melo, is by channeling Plato.

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