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The Best Quarterback In Football

Then again, Cowboy Fan. Let’s be real. Just as you didn’t win because the refs jammed Detroit last week, you didn’t lose because they nailed you yesterday. Even if Dez’s catch counted and you then punched it on the next play, Aaron Rodgers would have gotten the ball back with over 4 minutes to play.

Considering the way that dude undressed Dallas in the second half, I have no doubt Green Bay would have answered Dez’s catch with a Lambeau Leap.

Days like yesterday are why I continuously call Rodgers the best quarterback in football. And if you don’t, it’s time to start. Because it says here, that was the best game of his career. It’s the only one he’s played from start to finish on one leg. We spent two weeks wondering how bad his calf injury was… And it took about 2 snaps to find out: It was horrible. It wasn’t just that 12 couldn’t sprint… He could barely jog. Break the pocket? It looked like he had a broken ankle. I was waiting for Josh Bob Sitton and TJ Lang to Byron Leftwich their guy down the field.

He didn’t look like Aaron Rodgers early, and that didn’t look like a game the Pack had any business winning. Romo was pretty much perfect. DeMarco Murray was ripping off chunks. Green Bay looked like one and done. And then one-legged Rodgers started splitting windows.

Ridiculous throw. Rodgers to Rodgers for the win. Guy wouldn’t let them lose.

This is why I said I’d rather have that guy in Lambeau at 60% than any other guy at 100. Question, if he was that jacked up coming off a bye week, what’s he going to be like without one this week? Best game of his career? I have to say so. But, he’ll have to be even better in 6 days or it will be the last game of his season

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