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The Battle To End The Humiliation

Any Browns fans want to impress your wingman at the wing bar while you’re watching the game tonight? Hit him with this trivia question: Who was the Browns starting quarterback the last time Cleveland won a road game in the AFC North? Hint: It hasn’t happened since Johnny Manziel was a high school sophomore. Was it… Spergon Wynn… Ken Dorsey…. Chuck Frye??? Ehhhhh. It was Derek Anderson. It was 2008.

And since then the Browns have lost 17 straight divisional roadies. How is that even possible? That’s one of those stats where you refuse to believe Google. There had to be ONE DAY they got the Bengals in Cincy with a late field goal… Or caught the Ravens on the road in the rain or something, right? Nope.

Look, C-Town, you know I always have your back. Always have and probably always will. But let’s be real for a moment: that streak is pathetic. This game isn’t the battle for Ohio. It’s the battle to end the humiliation.

Brian Hoyer didn’t lose those 17 games. But he’s lost the last two of them. And the Browns have to win this one. Because they don’t get another shot to snap this thing until Week 17. And I can’t seriously picture Cleveland in a postseason game until they actually win a divisional road game. Kellen Winslow Jr won one! And the Private’s sitting in a Target parking lot laughing at you. And if the streak continues… So is everybody else.

If this thing goes to 18… Cleveland is not a playoff team. It’s time to take care of business. We are all witnesses.

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