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Thanks For Waking Up

On behalf of the NBA, I’d like to welcome the Houston Rockets to the Western Semi-Finals. Glad you fellas could make it before you got eliminated.

Because we would have had to permanently rip that “Clutch City” handle from Houston if the Rockets lost both games on their home floor against the Clippers without Chris Paul. And they tried to.

Game 1 was a total mail-in. Doc Rivers could have rested Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan and the Rockets still would have lied down for the Clippers’ scrubs. So after that disaster, after Kevin McHale said “we got our asses kicked” – you know they’re going to go gangbusters in Game 2, right? Not really. They were down 9 at the half. They gave up 41 points in the second quarter! How the hell can the Clippers offense be doing a buck-30 in the diamond lane when the guy who drives it isn’t even in uniform??? Because it’s like the Rockets STILL thought it would be easy without CP3.

And it looked easy. For LA. In fact there are 64 reasons the Rockets aren’t down 0-2…. And it’s the 64 free throws the Rockets shot. 64!! Did this game go 7 overtimes? Not even 1. I don’t like to blame a loss on the whistles, but if the Rockets didn’t get so many- they’d be smelling like a sweep when they head to Staples.

Just know you’re not going to get 64 free throws when you get there, and Chris Paul might be. Thanks for waking up and joining us, thanks for making it a series, now come out to LA and try not to get glossed Choke City.

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