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Terrible Night For Jacksonville

Jags v. Titans… Was it good for you? I know it was terrible for Jacksonville. Because even when they win, they actually lose. Jacksonville – 21, Tennessee – 13. Draft Pick – Plummeting.

Congrats on beating the worst team in the NFL on your home field and everything…but I guarantee in about 5 months when guys are flying off their Draft Day want list, Jags brass are going to be throwing things in their War Room because they didn’t lie down last night.

Hey Jordan Todman.. Or Todd Jordan.. Or whoever you are – you picked the wrong time to break out your Fred Taylor impression.

Somebody on the Jags sideline should have run out and tackled him. I guarantee somebody in a suit wishes they would have.

Look, credit to the Jacksonville PLAYERS. They were doing their jobs, I guess. But you know it just enraged the guys who sign their checks. Like – where was this in Week 1 when it actually mattered? Where was this in Week TEN? Why can’t you guys just stank out the whole stadium like Tennessee? Because Jacksonville technically won the game, but they officially lost the Marcus Mariota sweepstakes. You don’t need a quarterback? It doesn’t matter, dummies! Other teams do, that kid looks legit, and they’ll pay you for the right to take him!! You lost Mariota’s ransom because you couldn’t lose to Chuck Whitehurst’s lettuce.

And as usual, even when the Jags win they actually lose. Instead of thanking your fans, you should be apologizing to them. Because all 40 of them showed up last night looking for a loss.

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