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Terence Newman

Info & Stats: Minnesota Vikings Cornerback

All Topics: 2017 Season | Super Bowl ring is everything for him | DeMarcus Ware’s decision to retire | Defense | A few good fights in camp helped the defense | Adrian Peterson coming back to Minnesota as a Saint for the opener | 39-years-old | Hall of Fame nap taker | Nap nation | Two hour nap | Better to go 30 minutes for a nap or an half hour | Coaching | Will take a year off when he’s done with football

Sept 7th 2017

Terrence on getting a Super Bowl ring: “It’s the one thing that drives me.”

Sept 14th 2016

All Topics: Week 1 vs. Tennessee | Started slowly vs. Tennessee | Teddy Bridgewater injury | Aaron Rodgers this week | Trying to confuse Rodgers | Playing corner at 38 years old | Would probably retire if he won a Super Bowl | Career | Young player’s | Red Wine

Terence on Teddy Bridgewater’s non-contact practice injury: “Craziest thing I’ve ever seen on a football field.”

Nov 6th 2015

All Topics: 2015 Season | 5-2 | 4th quarter vs. Chicago | Todd Gurley coming to town this weekend | Practicing against Adrian Peterson will give them proper preparation for Gurley | Red wine | Team doughnut club | Mike Zimmer | Playing for Zimmer in previous stops | Zimmer is a great coach | Being released by Dallas in 2012 | Time in Dallas | Bill Parcells | Advice for rookie’s |

Terence on playing for Bill Parcells: “I was his water boy my rookie season.”

Terence Newman

Nov 17, 2010:

Topics: Status for this weekend | Getting treatment all week | Win over the New York Giants | Change is inevitable in Football | Jason Garrett replacing Wade Phillips | Different mind frame | Jason laid out everything the 1st day he took over | Team’s talent | We just fell flat and couldn’t finish games | Bright days ahead | Accountability | Maybe some people took Wade’s kindness for granted | Garrett fining players for not wearing the proper attire | Players thoughts on Garrett | Team’s defense | Mixing up the defense | Outside chance of the playoffs still | What they are playing for | It matters how you finish

Terence Newman

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