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Tebow Works Out For Chipper

Tim Tebow’s run with the Eagles makes Frank Gore’s look like Brian Dawkins’. And Chip Kelly is just making Twitter chase its tail.

Either this dude really is some kind of bizarre genius, or he’s just bored. Because he set off the sirens yesterday by bringing America’s favorite lightning rod, corn-fed fullback in for a workout. Chip Kelly yelling “Tebow” into social media, would be like TMZ dropping a Kanye & Tay Tay sex tape, directed by Kris Jenner with a cameo by Beyoncé. Pure bedlam.

5 seconds after ESPN reported the workout, Philly fan was already apoplectic, Tebow fan was already pre-ordering #15 Eagles jerseys, and talking heads were stumbling over themselves projecting how Timothy Richard would fit in Chipper’s offense. Annnnnnnd apparently he wouldn’t. Because then it was over, with reports that the Eagles had no interest “at this time.”

The only “time” anybody might have real interest in TRT is around 1912, before the invention of the forward pass.

Seriously- did Tebow even make it onto the Eagles’ property. It happened so fast, it’s like Chipper met him at the security gate on a golf cart, they played catch for 1 minute and Chip said “We’ll be in touch.”

If I didn’t know better, I’d say Philly bringing him in for a “workout” – means he just came in and got a lift in. Maybe he showed the Chipper how to work the kettle bells and do a perfect burpee. I know he didn’t impress him with skinny posts and slants.

It’s for the best though, Coach- you already have 3 running backs on your team you don’t need a 4th. Thanks for the Monday napalm. Tip us off when you bring in JaMarcus Russell, and I’m not even kidding. Still not sure how the scientist plans on Winning, but I know he’s already a master of trending.

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