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Team Tank Has It’s New Leader

Quick Advice for LA. Don’t mess with Magic Johnson today. My man’s in a bad way, because the Lakers won a game over Sacramento last night.

You heard me. Not only does he not want his beloved Lakers to win. He wants them to lose. Every night. Preach Maj: “I hope the Lakers lose every game. Because if you’re going to lose, lose. And I’m serious.”

And so am I: this is a terrible day for Team Car Flag. Because Team Tank now has an icon. Magic Johnson is their General Patton. No wonder when they were 0-5, @magicjohnson was insisting that the team was playing “exciting basketball.”

They were playing PERFECT basketball, according to the Magic Plan. Sure, it’s counter-intuitive for one of the greatest Lakers ever, and most competitive person you will ever meet, wants his team to lose every night. But he’s right. Being terrible and losing that top five pick is going to set the Lakers back.

Being one of the worst ever and getting to keep it, is critical to the rebuild. And nobody knows the power of the NBA Draft quite like Erv. He was the number one pick overall. So was Big Game James. There’s no Showtime without those guys, and they’re not there without the high draft pick.

In other words, you need to take a step back to take a few steps forward. Isn’t that so, Nick Young…quote, “Tell (Magic) to chill out before I have to knock him out 1, 2 times.”

Hey Swag, he’ll probably let you, but only because he hopes you break your hand on the side of his dome. Magic has a statue outside of Staples and Team Tank has its new leader. 22 down 60 to go.

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