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Super Bowl XLIX Conspiracy Theory

And heeeeeere come the conspiracy theories. No way something as outlandish as that interception goes down without message boarders thinking there’s more to it. The Knicks getting David Stern’s frozen envelope. Changing out the formula and releasing “New Coke.” And now… the Seattle Seahawks goal line choke.

We know nobody enjoys a conspiracy theory quite like Peter Carroll, so he’s going to love this one: Social Networking would have you believe that Peter called a pass, because he wanted Russell Wilson to be the hero of the game, not Marshawn.

Internet being Internet, right? Not really. Because when NFL.COM’S Mike Silver asked an anonymous Seahawk if there was anything to Carroll trying to get Wilson the MVP award instead of Lynch, he said, “That’s what it looked like.”

And that’s awesome. Peter wanting Russ to be MVP is even better than Paul from The Wonder Years being Marilyn Manson.

Let’s peel this back. So we’re to believe Bevell got in Peter’s ear with a run call for Marshawn, and Coach killed it? Nah Bevs. Let’s get Russ that awesome red truck. That’s my guy right there. Send in the quick slant! It’s ridiculous. It’s absurd. It’s hilarious.

And honestly, it’s a better explanation than Peter fast talking after the game. Carroll throwing the ball to the middle of the field on the goal line because he likes Wilson better than Lynch is a lot more believable than not wanting to run the Beast into New England’s goal line dee.

That conspiracy goes right to the front of the line along with Jordan playing baseball because of gambling and Schilling hitting his sock with ketchup. Peter wanting his QB to have that pickup. I don’t buy it. But Pete should be selling it.

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