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Suh And Snyder

Get ready to hang another banner in the District. The NFL’s annual champions of March may be looking to rip another Free Agency Lombardi. NBC Washington reports the Redskins are interested in signing Ndamukong Suh. Because of course they are. He’s Famous…Expensive…Available…and Famous! That’s been the Dan Snyder brand for years. The big name is first, the game tape is second, the price tag doesn’t matter.

And the tweets just write themselves. Of course Off Season Champions was trending this morning, because the second the Lions didn’t tag Mr. Suh, every snarky chuckler joked that he’d be signed by Mr. Snyder. I’m just waiting for Haynesworth to trend #1, because Ndamukong’s getting a lot of comparisons to Big Al. And that’s just ridiculous. C’mon, Eggs. Suh stomps on guys legs. Al stomped on a guy’s face. There’s a big difference. That, and the fact that Suh can still play and actually wants to. By the time Haynesworth got to the District and took Snyder’s money, he wanted nothing to do with the sport.

Sign Suh, and it wouldn’t be nearly the disaster the most of Snyder’s signings have been. No names mentioned: Antwaan Randle El, a punt returner from the Steelers that Snyder paid like a #1 receiver. Adam Archuleta, who Snyder made the highest paid safety in the league. And never forget that signed 30-something Deion Sanders to a $55 million dollar deal when Jerry Jones no longer wanted anything to do with him. Their free agency history is like a bad Bleacher Report slideshow, at 8 figures per click. But not with Suh. I like it. Go for it. Of course he’s overpriced, but at least he’ll be productive. If youre going to give that much chedder to Grandpa Prime, you’ll look brilliant for breaking off Mr Suh IN his prime. Just pray the next dude he’s stompin isn’t Bob Griffin.

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