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Stump The Sports Dork

Let’s play the Stump the Sports Dork. If you collect bobbleheads, sleep on team logo bed sheets and have a fantasy golf team- you’re the kind of dweeb who brags about his trivia skills. You may be on a streak of 2 years without a date… Yet you know the EXACT date DiMaggio’s hitting streak ended.

But do you know this: Throughout his NBA career, how many times has Stephen Curry hit a game-winning 3? Errrrr uhhhh…. Well… He hits about one about every week, right? 5-plus years in the league. 82 games a year plus playoffs… Best shooter on the planet. You figure… What… 17 times? Final Answer? EHHHHHHH. Going into last night against Orlando. Steph was sitting on ZERO. Right up until he broke his maiden and broke the Magic’s back from about 30 feet.

SPLASH. Why were the Magic not gang-tackling that dude once he hit half court? You know he could have hit that shot from 50 if he needed to.

Here’s another question- If Golden State was down 2… Why did Steph shoot a 3? Same reason trivia nerds rattle off every Finals MVP from the 80s. Because they can. Why did Steph shoot a 3? Because there are no 4s. I would have sooner believed that Curry had 100 game-winning 3s than a goose egg. Steph’s the guy who once told me that the NBA is a “man’s game.”

Well so is the Sports Trivia circuit at the Sports Bar, and you just got served, dorks. Steph will probably hit #2 tomorrow night. Until then… Hit the books, study up.

Congrats- you can name every player on the ’73 Cardinals. But you’ve been shot down by every waitress at Hooters.

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