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Street Fight

If Ravens-Steelers really is the NFL’s street fight, then Baltimore is still bleeding in an alley somewhere. Somebody pick up the Ravens, find their teeth and put them in a cab. Because it turns out that storyline is true. Those teams may not look like brawlers anymore, but when they get together those rings get turned around real quick.

Most weeks they’re just a couple of finesse passing offenses with scat backs in the backfield, with more deep shots than decleaters. I mean, Hines Ward and Peezy Porter aren’t walking through that door. And right when you think it could never be the way it was once… . Big Bad Deebo turned this thing all retro.

Personal fouls. Scraps after extra points. Referee warnings. Courtney Upshaw almost breaking Ben’s jaw and T-Sizz trying to break LeGarrette Blount’s legs. And not just bluster. It is a brawl.

And last night, Baltimore was fighting out of its weight class. And Bart Scott, Ray Ray and Ed Reed weren’t there to join that fight. The Ravens still think they’re the baddest guys in the bar, but they just got thrown out a window. Because Roethlisberger in 2014 is like Anderson Silva in 2008. Baltimore was dealing body blows, Big Ben was hitting them with head kicks and kill shots. By the time the bouncers pulled the big man off Baltimore… He’d done them 6 times and they’d stopped moving. The rep is right – it is a fight. But a quick one. That was a hospital job. And The Ravens should have traveled back to Baltimore in an ambulance.

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