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Straight Twitter Fire

Magic Johnson was always the smartest cat on the court, because he could see things before they happened… and yesterday he was dropping knowledge dimes up and down Twitter.

Specifically to the tune of who would be the NBA’s MVP this year. You listening Vegas? Dish it Erv: “I definitely got a chance to watch 4 early MVP candidates play in Harden, Howard, Wade and Bosh.” Not bad. Dude’s just working the ball around the top of the key. He went on, “Kobe should also be in the early MVP talks with LeBron, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Anthony Davis, Carmelo, Curry, Thompson and Rose.” Boom. He threads the needle in transition. Dude’s like the Cleo the Psychic of Hoops. Keep going Erv-stradamus: “Other early MVP candidates are Wall, Lamarcus Aldridge, Tony Parker and Dirk.” His thumbs are burning up, he’s chucking behind the back lobs on you fools. But he’s not done. “When Westbrook and Durant get back they will be in the mix also.” Straight Fire.

Full court alley oop. If you’re counting at home, that’s 5 rings, 3 MVPs, and 19 MVP candidates for Magic. The best passer in history is crystal ballin’ on Twitter. Bet on that.

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