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Straight Fire From Dirk

I talk to athletes for a living, and I can say for a fact that there’s not a better combination of Hall-of-Fame player and great dude than Dirk Nowitzki. There’s also not a dumber thing to do on a basketball court than foul a shooter on a 3-pointer when you’re up 3 in the final seconds. And Kirk Hinrich just did it.

Even Stacey King is almost speechless. But after the game, I’m sure nice guy Dirk picked Hinrich up and recalled a time he himself made the same mistake, right? “In my 17 years, it was one of the dumber fouls I’ve ever seen.”

Look at Dirk, dropping bombs on Kirk. He’s wrong of course. One of the dumbest fouls? JaVale McGee wouldn’t have even fouled Monta Ellis there.

I thought Kirk Hinrich was this heady veteran. A gym-rat point guard who has been a coach on the floor since Kansas. If someone’s making that foul in that moment, they’re playing on an 8-foot basket. Because they’re 8 years old and can’t do the math.

He called the play boneheaded. No, your bi-monthly ritual of cutting your own hair with a fork is boneheaded… And you gotta love Tom Thibodeau blaming himself for not being clear enough on how to foul. Coach- Hiny is a 12 year man. You shouldn’t’ even have to mention it.

But I’m glad he blew it. Because I’ve heard the Big German do play-by-play, I’ve heard him sing the Hoff… but him saying that was one of the dumbest fouls he’s ever seen is the best Dirk quote I’ve ever heard. Seven Footer. Straight Fire.

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