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Straight Fire, Frederick

We’re about 6 weeks from Pacquiao v. Mayweather. And just as you’d expect, there’s a ton of yapping from the guy you’d expect it from. I mean he is one of the greatest ever at what he does. He’s been through the battles. He knows how to promote. And this fight is a big piece of his legacy, he wants it badly, it feels personal to him, so of course he’s going run his mouth about it. You think I’m talking about Floyd? Hell no. I’m talking about Fred.

Money May hasn’t even started talking, but Freddie Roach won’t stop. The same guy who busted out at the press conference and said Manny was going to kick Floyd’s Bleep… Has now evolved into retirement smack. Pacquiao’s trainer says this fight will be Floyd’s last. “I am confident May 2 will be celebrated for years to come as St. Manny’s Day – the day he drove Mayweather out of boxing.”

Straight fire, Frederick. Doubters wanna say that with Floyd’s defense and Vegas judges, there’s no way Manny can win this fight. Roach says there’s no way he can lose. In fact he’ll win so dominantly on St. Manny’s day that May is going to announce his retirement right there in the ring. Well- after he wakes up he will, right Fred? From bleep kicking, to hanging up his gloves.

And we’re still a long way til the bell. But the time we get to May, Freddie’s gonna predict Mayweather will say “No mas.”

See you on St. Manny’s day, my man. Until then every day is Freddie Day. Now go hop on Insta, and photoshop Floyd with Simba.

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