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Straight Amateur Move

The Sacramento Kings were looking for a reason to whack their head coach, Mike Malone, and they got one when they lost 7 of 9 to drop to 11 and 13 on the season. But don’t get this twisted. This is shocking.

Sure, they lost 7 of 9, but only after losing their best player DeMarcus Cousins, for 9 games with viral meningitis. How is that Malone’s fault?. It’s not.

Fired Malone? They should have thanked him. He’s the one that kept this team together in the rugged west when Boogie went down; and Malone’s the biggest reason Rudy Gay re-signed.

Malone had the Kings headed in the right direction. If they wanted to fire him that badly, and they obviously did, they should have done it in the offseason. But this is what happens when the GM and the coach are not on the same page. And they never are when the owner hires the coach before the GM? When has that ever worked? Better yet, when has that ever happened.? Straight amateur move by owner Vivek Ranadive.

And so was Ranadive telling Malone he should use 4 guys to guard 5 and leave a trailer back to cherry pick; Ranadive reasoned that if it worked in his daughter’s youth league, it would probably work in the NBA as well. Can’t wait until he drops that one on George Karl or whoever they hire to replace Malone.

Good news is, at least this time, the GM can hire his own coach. Bad news is, what coach worth anything at all is taking that job under these circumstances?

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