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Steve Elkington

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All Topics: ‘Secret Golf with Steve Elkington’ TV Show on CBS Sports Network | College days | At the Air Force Academy | Air Force regiment | No fire water at the Air Force bases | His new TV show | Finding people that golf on the show | Strangest things that have happened on the show | Tiger Woods talking about his emotions of a breakup | Woods doesn’t have the zip in him anymore | High praise for Jordan Spieth | The tour testing for marijuana | Doesn’t know a lot of stoners on Tour | Cartoon for Shared Belief

May 8th 2015

Elk on Tiger: “He doesn’t have it in his eyes anymore.”

  • Steve Elkington
  • May 8th 2015

July 3rd 2014

All Topics: In Cabo right now | His son taking him to task on the golf course | Teaming up with RFD-TV to create The Rural Golfer | Details of The Rural Golfer | Secret in the dirt | Getting in hot water over his Michael Sam tweet | Twitter | Laying low after his Sam tweet | Served his prison sentence for the Sam tweet | PGA Tour suspended him for two weeks over Sam tweet | Tiger’s comeback | The Big Cat isn’t 100 percent | The Big Cat’s swing | More into high end bourbon now

Elk on Tiger Woods: “He’s in a bit of a tricky spot.”

  • Steve Elkington
  • July 3rd 2014

July 10th 2013

All Topics: In “Clone Country” Omaha, Nebraska | You can look west and see Christmas coming here | The Big Show | The dive bars in Nebraska have champagne on tap | Going to dive bars in every town they roll into | His game right now | Champions Tour | Monty came on board a few weeks ago | Monty update | Doesn’t know if Monty has a custard fetish | Monty’s red zone | Having fun at Monty’s expense | I’m a fact speaker | His history with Monty | British Open | Discipline down the middle at the British Open | 2002 British Open still haunts him | Jack Nicklaus / Tiger Woods comparison | Pressure golf | Dwight Howard signing with Houston |

Elk on Colin Montgomerie: “I love the guy.”

  • Steve Elkington
  • July 10th 2013

Mar 8th 2013

All Topics: Big day in the Jungle with J-Stew leaving | His history with Stew and Jim | Live tweeting | His past year | Taking last year off and spending time with his kids | Joining the Champions Tour | Never wanting to be a part of the Champions Tour | Being 50 is cool | No cut on the Champions Tour | Courses more suiting for him on the Champions Tour | Newport Beach next week | Devil water trees | The Big Show | Rory McIlroy bailing on last weekend’s tournament | Jack Nicklaus | Social Networking company |

Elk to J-Stew on his final day: “Good look mate you’re a tremendous asset to Jim.”

  • Steve Elkington
  • Mar 8th 2013

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