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Steve Beuerlein: ‘The greatness of Peyton Manning may not be witnessed by any of us ever again’

Late in Denver’s Divisional Round loss to the Indianapolis Colts, CBS analyst Steve Beuerlein told The Jim Rome Show that his mind started wondering if this might be the end of the road for Peyton Manning.

“As a former quarterback, you start thinking that this maybe the last time that we see him on a football field,” Beuerlein said of Manning. “I truly believe that’s as realistic an option here as anything, that Peyton Manning may not suit up again.”

Beuerlein doesn’t think Manning can make all the throws needed to beat top level opponents any more.

“He just can’t do it the way he needs to be able to do it, to be able to get that team past the big opponents and the big games down the stretch,” said the former quarterback. “So it was really, a real kind of a reality check for me that Peyton Manning, that the greatness of Peyton Manning may not be witnessed by any of us ever again.”

The analyst said reports of Manning having a torn quad could have been part of the reason the 38-year old struggled late in the 2014 season, but probably not.

“There’s no doubt that down the stretch he was significantly affected by something,” said Beuerlein. “But we saw this happen a little bit last year as well and when he gets up against an opponent that forces him to push the ball up the field and doesn’t give him those quick short bubble screens, slants, and quick fades up the field, if they don’t give him those quick easy throws, he has a hard time ripping that ball into a tight window or up and over the top down the field 35-40-45 yards.”

‘So his age and lack of arm strength are exposed in those situations. He’s able to overcome that against an average opponent because he’s smarter than everybody else and he knows where to go with the football and he’s so accurate but if that ball has to get into a tight window up the field he has a hard time making those throws.”

Although Beuerlein thinks Manning will want to give it one more shot at winning another Lombardi Trophy.

“He’s within reach of the all-time yardage record but I don’t think that’s going to motivate him to come back I think it’s going to be to get one more shot at the Super Bowl,” said Beuerlein.

The former Denver quarterback isn’t sure Manning and the organization will agree.

“Personally I feel like John Elway brought Peyton Manning to the Broncos to win a Super Bowl in one of his first two years,” said Beuerlein. “I think the window is closed. I don’t think that they’re going to have a chance get to the Super Bowl again. I don’t think those days are front of Peyton Manning I think they’re behind him.”

  • Steve Beuerlein
  • Jan 12th 2015

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