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Stay Where You Are, Lane

ESPN reports Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin is a front-runner for the same position for the San Francisco 49ers. I know you’re not asking for my advice, Kiff, but you’re going to get it anyway. Don’t do it.

I know you’re the king of Falling Forward, but taking this gig is a bad move. Sure it’s a great opportunity. For just about anyone else but you. You see, after failing miserably with the Raiders, leaving Tennessee after one 7-6 season, and melting down with the Trojans, your brand and rep were smashed.

Then, for some reason, one of the game’s best, Nick Saban, decided to throw you a lifeline. And it’s worked out pretty well. In your first year with the Crimson Tide, you helped turn Amari Cooper into a Heisman trophy finalist, coached qb Blake Sims to the next level and helped lead Bama to an SEC title and a spot in the inaugural College Football Playoff. And on top of that, you haven’t been fired nor run out of town yet. And your stock is actually going up.

So why would you jeopardize all that for a return to the NFL? What looks better on your resume, coaching under Nick Saban in Tuscaloosa or coaching under Jim Tomsula, in Frisco. Whoever that is. Stay at Bama, and you get to coach the nation’s best recruits every single year. Go to Frisco and you’re one injury away from coaching Blaine Gabbert.

Not to mention, you’d be facing NFC West defenses every single week, instead of going up against SEC defenses which seem to be giving up more and more points every year.

Do what you’re going to do, Lane. Just know it’s usually the wrong thing. And this is the wrong time and the wrong gig to bounce for. Stay where you are and coach em up, Kiff! You’re welcome.

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