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Stay Home, Zeek

So many things went down in the last week I almost feel like I need a Week That Was for the week that I wasn’t here.

You had Aaron Judge going legend Home Run Derby. The White Sox shipping Jose Quintana to the Cubs and then Quintana striking out 12 in his Cubs debut. Lonzo showing up in every kind of shoe and dropping one crazy dime after another in Summer League, getting Laker fans amped. The Dodgers continuing to dominate. And then yesterday, Roger Federer wins Wimbledon. Again. And Ezekiel Elliott gets into trouble. Again.

While pretty much everyone in the country was either watching Game of Thrones, tweeting about Game of Thrones, or tweeting about watching Game of Thrones, according to TMZ, Elliott was involved in an incident at a Dallas bar last night.

Actually, initially, there were rumors, but no actual reports of an incident and now there are reports of an actual incident at Clutch Bar. Ezekiel Elliott involved in an incident at Clutch Bar? Talk about being un-clutch. Hey-o!

According to TMZ, “cops at the bar spoke to a man who said his nose was just broken — but the man appeared to be extremely intoxicated and couldn’t remember who hit him. The man’s friend told police, “It was that Dallas Cowboys running back.”

I’m no detective, but if someone is saying that the person involved was “that Dallas Cowboys running back,” I’m guessing he’s not referring to Marion Barber. Or Troy Hambrick. Or Julius Jones. Or Felix Jones. Or Joseph Randle.

Charges weren’t filed, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a problem. It is. Because there seems to be a trend here. And that trend is that Ezekiel Elliott runs away from trouble on the field and keeps finding it off the field.

There’s never a good time to be involved in an incident at a bar, but you know when is a really BAD time to be involved in an incident at a bar? When the league is reportedly figuring out how to deal with your previous domestic violence allegations. And when there was the incident at the St. Patrick’s Day parade. And then there was the car accident in May. And the car accident before the playoff game with the Packers. And the car accident before the Fiesta Bowl.

Again, no charges have been filed at this time. We don’t know what happened or what didn’t. Whether Elliott was involved or not. And even if he was, if he was just defending himself. We need more information.

But in this case, I already know enough to know Elliott is guilty. Guilty of extremely poor judgement. Guilty of putting himself in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Again. Bottom line, it’s impossible to get into a bar fight, if you don’t go into a bar. And to answer your next question, what’s the guy supposed to do, Rome, just stay home. Yes, that’s exactly what he’s supposed to do.

Especially when the league is currently investigating his prior domestic violence incident and was going to come up the punishment for it this week. Again, I don’t know want happened in this incident. I just know that it’s not his FIRST incident. Far from it. This dude is a magnet for bad news or he creates bad news, but either way, the common denominator are the words “Ezekiel” “Elliott” and “incident.”

When you think about the fact that the league is already reportedly considering a one or two game suspension for the previous domestic violence incident, my best advice to Zeke would be to sit out the rest of the summer. Get a Netflix subscription and chill.

Put your feet up. Seriously. The career you save could be your own. Because as good as he’s been on the field, he’s been even worse off it.

This is a dude who clearly does not get it. It’s pretty simple, if you can’t go to a bar without getting into a fight, or pulling down a woman’s top, stay the hell out of the bars. And even if you’re there minding your own business, not looking for any trouble, and trouble just happens to find you, then stay the hell out of the bar.

Again, randoms can’t hook you, if they can’t find you. Stay home, Zeek. Just stay home.

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