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Stay Classy Giant Fan

Ever been to San Francisco. It’s an amazing town. Beautiful. Sophisticated. And the folks who live there know it. And they’re proud of it. That said, if it’s all that, then why were their own inhabitants burning things in the streets last night like a bunch of frattys? I could live another 1,000 years and I will never understand that.

You just had the biggest win of your entire lives, and the very first thing that goes through your mind is, I need a window to break and a bus to torch! I mean, I would tell Giant fan to act like they’ve been there before… But they HAVE been there. Three times in the last five years.

It’s idiotic enough when a long-suffering fan base finally cashes one in, and some dummy among them tries to declare nuclear war on themselves. But Giants’ fans are using the same gas- can they used in 2012. Can’t you folks just get blind drunk and run around picking fistfights with Royals’ fans like normal people???? And some of these people look like they’re in their 40s. They’re not in college anymore. And clearly – they never were.

Why would you be destroying property in what might be the nation’s most expensive city? You know how expensive that couch you just lit on fire is? I bet you could buy a Kansas City Condo for one of the throw pillows alone.

You’re also in the Internet capital of the world… San Fran fans of all people should know how fast those torching’s are gonna go viral. Congrats on another title, and enjoy getting a call from the cops once they break down the j-pegs.

I thought San Fran was better than that. I’m not saying you’re the only ones to do it. Just the latest. And the only thing you should be burning right now is salad in a pipe not property in the street.

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