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Stand Up, Bills Mafia

Come to find out, maybe the road to the Super Bowl won’t go through Lambeau. Because the Packers just got smacked by…. BUFFALO?? You know it.

Incredibly, the most shocking image of Ralph Wilson Stadium this season is not the one of that joint being buried in 8 feet of snow. It’s the one where the Bills Defense makes Aaron Rodgers forget how to throw.

Discount Double check. Wow. STAND UP, BILLS MAFIA. And pay attention, NFL Superfans. Because that lock down job didn’t’ come out of nowhere. How did the Bills force Aaron Rodgers into the worst game of his career? The same way they snapped Peyton Manning’s 51 game touchdown streak the week before. The only people who got worked harder than the Packers offense yesterday, were the team of NFL seamstresses churning out Bacarri Rambo gamers to keep up with Buffalo’s online orders.

Bills fans – be real.. How many of you ordered one for a Christmas gift after Rambo ripped two picks? All of you? What a perfect fit. An action hero and a fan base whose glory days are both decades old. How many Mafia message boarders are crafting “I’m your worst nightmare” memes for B-Rambo right now? Again – all of them. And they should. Rambo’s had Hans and Frans in a headlock all day… They lost the Legend of Kiko Alonso, we’re seeing the rise of Bacarri Rambo.

Buffalo wants its first playoff game in 14 years. Baccari wants “First Blood.”

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