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Spurs, Spurs, Spurs

Somehow, someway – the NBA playoffs are only 3 weeks away. So it’s time for me to go on record. Are we rolling? Write this down. SPURS. SPURS. SPURS. Need another one to make sure? SPURS. Dang that feels good.

Because I’m resisting the muscle memory of trying to bury this bunch of AARPs. The only thing I’m burying is my Spurs shovel. Because last night the Thunder looked like they got hit upside the head with one.

A 39 point beatdown and a Beastbrook melt down. If Russ is spiking his mask in frustration – that means Gregory Pop is starting to smell Ring 6.

There’s really only one team that could make a player that good, that mad. Russ has seen every variation of step outs and double teams for weeks, and he blows right by them. But one bad night against that Spurs system and he’s blowing a gasket. Because he wasn’t even the best point guard on the floor.

Hey Gravediggers- I thought Tony Parker wasn’t right? I thought his lower body was falling apart? Then he goes for 21, 6 and 6 in just 28 minutes. Because he’s a vampire. They all are.

The West will be a gauntlet, no doubt. But spare me the eulogy about the Spurs gassing out. 79 year old Tim Duncan is bending his knees and burying corner threes! Doubting the Spurs every spring is like doubting the Patriots every Fall. The second you try to stab their heart with a spike- is the second you’re guaranteed a crow sando from Jersey Mike’s. Not me. They’re immortal. I’m board. And I’m on record. Until I see them lose a series, I’m not hitting them with a Eulogy. SPURS SPURS SPURS.

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