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Spread The Swag

But… Check this… I’ve got some bad news for Cubes. Yesterday he was hoping the Lakers would suck forever. They didn’t even suck for 24 hours. They won their first road game last night because their own private superhero got right.

Take one guess which Laker said this before the game in Atlanta. “I’m here to save the day with all this swag.”

Had to be Jeremy Lin, right? Wrong! It wasn’t a former Harvard student. It was a current Swag University professor. Nick Young is back. His jumper is wet. And he lifted the Lakers to by far their best night yet.

Don’t tell me half the Hawks fans weren’t rooting for Nicholas. I think the Hawks players were. And the Lakers should have carried him off on their shoulders. Because for one night… They looked like an actual NBA team. Shoot… They almost looked like an 8 seed.

It wasn’t just that he finally provided some shooting. He actually had the Lakers smiling. The entire vibe of that team felt different. They looked loose. They played D. How do you explain that, Swaggy P? “It’s like my swag rubbed off on everybody.”

That’s exactly what it’s like. That stuff’s contagious. Save the day, spread the swag, put up the car flags. The black mamba’s one of the best ever, but after one night the Lakers MVP is professor P.

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