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Spray Tan’s Night

As if the Cowboys jumping on DeMarco’s back every week isn’t grueling enough… He’s also under attack off the field by a college teammate.

While the dude was ripping off a buck-79 on the ground, former Oklahoma running back Brennan Clay was de-cleating DeMarco on Twitter. Some people like Twitter for information. Some for entertainment. Last night, Clay gave us both.

In fact, he gave us everything. This is straight wacky. Brennan had said that his wife was having an affair with Murray. And then during the game he took to posting an alleged sexting session between the two of them.

He also says his wife saved DeMarco’s digits under… Spray Tan. Brilliant! No cheating going on here, honey! Just texting with the place that oranges-up my face.

Spray tan?! Athletes who check into hotels under “Bruce Wayne” think that’s a ridiculous alias. Almost too ridiculous.

But if that’s legit, Cam Newton getting hacked because his password was “camnewton1″ can’t believe how dumb that is. Eldrick Woods frantically asking his mistress to take her name off her outgoing message is laughing at Spray Tan.

Brennan was on a roll but he may have thumbed out the tweet of the month when Murray started ripping off big runs, quote: “I aint’ gonna lie but spray tan is getting off tonight… Lol” That’s the rare ‘lol’ that actually produces a real laugh.

And if she really is running around on him, is her second side piece “Pedicure” and… Is she also getting nude pics from “Dry Cleaning.”

DeMarco owned the Bears. But Spray Tan got smashed by a fellow Sooner. Like I said, straight Wacky. But Word to the wise, Brennan: if you’re going that hard on twitter, everything you’re saying better be true and things better be spotless on your end or this could boomerang on you in a hurry.

And as wacky as this is, I can’t help but think it’s about to get even wackier.

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