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Spider. Roider.

Anderson Silva: Ambassador, all-timer, maybe the best ever, and apparently a roider.

It’s a headline that’s like heroin for anyone who loves to crack MMA: Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz Both Fail UFC 183 Drug Tests. Diaz tested positive for marijuana after losing to Silva. It’s his third failed test. The guy was MIA just days before the fight. If he walked into the cage high Saturday night, would that surprise anyone at all? Of course not.

But The Spider being a cheater? It’s a knee lift to the jaw. This was the guy who was supposed to be the naturally gifted freak, the guy who was put on this planet to slip shots and kick dudes. Now we know he was taking the juice, and we know what he was praying for after the fight – that he wouldn’t get caught. He did.

And so much for his Hollywood ending. Silva came back after that gnarly leg snap, hadn’t fought in over a year, then he looked just as lethal against Diaz as he did in his prime. And now we know why.

What I want to know – is how he was even allowed to fight? Two types of steroids were found in his system from a drug test from back on January 9th. And what- his dirty samples just sat in a fridge for 3 weeks before the fight? The Nevada Athletic Commission says they were not made aware of the positive test until after the fight: that’s pretty convenient. A little too convenient, if you ask me.

And if it were up to me, I wouldn’t let a fighter peaking on the juice, punch other dudes in the head: This shot lands right on the UFC’s eye. Bones Jones tooting coke can’t believe Andy Silva takes the spike. I don’t know why he was still able to fight, but the greatest to EVER fight – may never fight again. Spider. Roider. Shaking my damn head.

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