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Sorry Trest

The latest news from the Chicago Bears is burying the needle on my BS Detector.

There’s a so-called “report” out of Chitown that Bears head coach Marc Trestman will likely be fired at the end of the season.

One question – for what? Doing his job? Trestman’s killing it! This guy is practically Ditka. Walk the streets of Chicago; you’ll see countless Bears fans rocking his 1957 librarian look. They love him! What- just because Trestman is the “quarterback whisperer” and his quarterback leads the league in turnovers…? You’re going to run the guy? Just because he’s an offensive mastermind and his offense hasn’t scored 30 points a single time… You’re going to kick him to the curb? Looks like somebody didn’t even watch the Saints game. I did. The Bears stayed within two scores of a 5-8 team. That’s a quality loss. Fire him? You should give Trestman an extension. It’s Christmas time! Bah Humbug.

Just another example of this 24-7 Twitter cycle manufacturing news out of thin air. Trestman being a dead coach walking is just like a celebrity death hoax right? What egg started this nonsense? Apparently – the eggs who own the team, according to CBS Chicago. Oops. Sorry Trest.

The only real shock here is that they’re waiting two more weeks to whack you. You’re done in Chicago, so it’s back to the Card Catalog and hopefully a quick Lens Crafters run. Now you’re done.

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