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Smart Tactical Check-Down, Bob

If Marshawn needs a lesson on how easy it is to fulfill your media obligation, just break tape on Bob Griffin.

Yes, our ROME RG3 streak continues! This week alone, he’s cracked his teammates, gotten smashed by his head coach, been criticized by Steven Young… And now he’s ripped off Billy Belichick.

Just one last question, Bob. Where would you say your focus is right now?

Got it. For a guy who’s not known for his decision making, this strategy is a smart, tactical check down.

In a league where it’s hard to get anyone to say anything, He may be the only guy I would encourage to say even LESS. Because normally he never stops.

Bob Griffin gives a press conference about every 11minutes… Then the second he walks off stage he hits his Twitter… Then it’s over to Instagram… Then it’s time for the next presser.

Find me one big-time quarterback who talks as much as Bob does. You can’t. Peyton Manning, no twitter. Aaron Rodgers, never during the season. Russ Wilson, mostly scripture. Tom Brady, just goofy pics on Facebook. Robert Griffin the Third? Engaging the media, throwing his teammates under the bus and then whining about his comments being misconstrued.

This guy social networks like a teenager. So it’s the one time where it’s good to see your quarterback one-lining the media.

Bob’s focus should be on Frisco, because it’s usually on Bob. And for all the wrong reasons. At this point, you can’t talk your way out of it you can only play your way out of it. So don’t screw it up and tweet something dumb tonight, or we’ll be right back here talking about it again. Tomorrow.

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