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Silver Swings A Sword

We know pro football is the biggest thing in sports, but we’re learning basketball has the baddest boss.

Can someone sit down with Roger Goodell and break some tape on Adam Silver? Because while Big Rog has been stumbling around for months with domestic violence issues, Silver just handled his business in about 10 minutes.

Charlotte Hornet Jeff Taylor was arrested in September for an altercation with a woman. The team suspended him with pay during the investigation. And now Silver has dropped his hammer after a guilty plea. 24 games without pay. Credit for time served. See you later woman beater.

That was pretty simple. The Hornets agree with the penalty. His coach Steve Clifford isn’t saying it’s not a big deal. His owner Mike Jordan isn’t pointing fingers. And no robotic pressers from Adam Silver.

Now, NFL fans might be thinking… But wait! Where’s the press conference where the woman apologizes for her role in the assault? When does Silver sit down with she and Jeff Taylor in his office? When does he deny seeing video? When does that crazy guy crash the presser and scream don’t take me to the elevator?? When? Never. Not with Silver.

The NBA’s discipline efficiency just extends the NFL’s embarrassment. Once again, Rog Goodell has the Shield. And Adam Silver swings a sword.

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