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Shut It Down, Mamba

Unfortunately, we’ve heard this before: The Black Mamba is broken. Kobe Bryant has torn the rotator cuff in his shooting shoulder, and Jim Rome says his season should be over.

If the Lakers were thinking about shutting Bryant down anyway, now you do it and don’t look back. I don’t care if it comes back that Bryant could play a few weeks from now, or a few months from now. I get he’s on the Rushmore of warriors. But for who.. For what? Because he’s your only draw? Laker fans need a reason to show up to Staples? Nobody wants to show up and see a 36 year old man try to shoot 10 of 26 with one hand, on a team with 20 wins. Even Team Car Flag doesn’t need to see that.

What they want to see is a healthy Kobe taking a final season victory lap. That loss to New Orleans should be Bryant’s last game of the season.

The question is, has he played his last game, period? I don’t see it. Athletes rarely get to go out on their terms. But I just don’t see a guy that proud, going out that way. Nor do I see him leaving the $24M on the table that he believes he earned and that the team owes him for next season.

Shut it down, get right, get surgery if you need it, and kill yourself one last time, to go out the right way.

And while they’re at it, the Lakers should shut down Jordan Hill and Carlos Boozer too. Just let Swaggy P chuck it up 30 times every night. Better yet, turn the offense over to Jeremy Lin. The Lakers could launch tanksanity, and proceed with Operation Shutdown.

The mamba gets right, the Lakers pull the plug on the season, and they keep their draft pick. Start the show. 43 down, 39 to go.

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