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Show Me Your Lighting Bolt!!!

Who says we don’t get freaky weather in Cali? There was some Saturday night lightning over San Fran… All I want for Christmas is for you to … SHOW ME YOUR LIGHTING BOLT.

Phil Rivers was shooting them out of his eyes against the Niners. San Diego 38. San Francisco 35. The 49ers are dead. The Chargers are still alive.

And when Rivers career is over, this is the game he should be remembered by. Vintage Phillip. Chucking picks early… Getting really angry… Then screaming on the sideline… Fighting back… And slinging TDs with half his spine sticking out. Dude’s battling a bulging DISC… He’s going to have to have surgery… But first he took the scalpel to the Niners. BOLTS UP BABY.

Other than maybe Tom Brady, nobody in the NFL plays better angry than Phil. And you know he’s going to be ornery in late December. He’s got a bad back, Temps at are down into the 50s, he’s got 7 kids at home begging for presents, and as usual his team has to scrap like Hell to make the playoffs. Really, there’s no other way you’d want in, Charger Fan. And there’s no better team to see than Jim Harbaugh’s. The Niners ran for 3 and a half bills, they could have ran for 6 hundred and they’d still find a way to lose to crazy Phil.

If it’s Christmas time… And you’re facing impossible odds; there are two dudes you want on the job. John MccLane and #17.

See you in KC. Ride the Lightning. Yippee Kay ay Mr. Rivers.

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