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Sell This Penny Stock

Remember when the next big thing was going to be buying stock in athletes? If anybody’s still sitting on any shares of Jadeveon Clowney Inc… You’re probably sleeping on a street corner, in a refrigerator box.

While his teammate and Arian Foster’s stock skyrocketed this year…. The #1 overall pick in the 2014 Draft… Is just hoping to be healthy for 2015 Kickoff. JDC underwent micro fracture knee surgery, and he’s expected to be on the shelf for 9 months. The old Buy High, Sell Low strategy for Clowney shareholders.

And for the Texans this has to be sheer terror. The monster athlete they drafted because of his sheer athleticism can’t take two steps without snipering himself. Sports Hernia surgery in the summer. Meniscus surgery in the Fall. And now a massive knee surgery in the winter.

Is this dude the next Lawrence Taylor… Or the NFL’s Greg Oden? Because they didn’t draft him for his body of work. He didn’t really have one. They drafted him for his body. And it’s already falling apart.

They knew getting in business with Clowney meant worrying about his work ethic. Even his own college coach Steve Spurrier copped to that. But they figured, we can deal with it, we’ll coach ‘em up, and J.J. Watt will rub off on him. But none of that has happened. Because he’s barely been in pads. Never mind the Bears and Jay Cutler, the Texans have to be the ones with buyer’s regret. I’m not saying the guy’s a bust, but I am saying his first year could not have gone any worse.

But give Clowney this… There was that one time in college when he decapitated a dude. That was pretty sweet.

That’s a 22 million dollar hit. And they should play that clip on a loop at Texans games, because that may end being all they get out of this guy. And if I’m the rest of you, I’d dump. Sell this penny stock while you still can.

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