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See You In The First Round Fellas

Here’s one for you old timers. Remember the Miami Heat? Whatever happened to that team. I recall some championships. Prime Time games. BIG time fans. But it feels like they’ve been disbanded, like the Miami Heat are the Montreal Expos or the Baltimore Bullets.

I know this – they’re not really an NBA team. Not if they’re 7 below .500 in the East and they just lost to the worst team in the league. I know you lost LeBron. But you don’t lose to the T-Wolves. Or you’re going to start losing your diehard celebrity fans. The orange middle finger lady, the ugg boots tool, Glen Frey, and the Good Job Good Effort kid must be devastated.

And Chris Bosh must be shell shocked. Remember he was the one who warned Kevin Love about how frustrating it’s going to be to play with LeBron. And how is it playing WITHOUT him, Chris? Especially when WOW doesn’t even dress because his legs are about as fresh as Pat Riley’s. But hey – you lost your leading man, but at least you’ve got a couple mental assassins you can count on in clutch time.

Awesome! Sweet inbounds play, Coach Spo! I feel like I watched a kindergarten rec league where the kids don’t even know the rules. Or the score. Because Miami was down 1 point with under a minute when those two floor generals started playing hot potato and turned it over. That’s something Javale McGee would have done a couple years back.

But it does prove that the Heat really do still exist. That inbounds was one of the dumbest plays of all time, but at least we’ve got proof of life. See you in the first round fellas.. Just pray you don’t get the Cavs.

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