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See You At Open Mic Night, Football

In two weeks, Johnny Manziel has gone from a rock star selling out stadiums, to a roadie having a smoke break.

The sequel to his Cincinnati F-minus was a Carolina embarrassment. Because there’s a rookie looking lost, and then there’s looking like you don’t really belong. Whether he’s getting his receiver beheaded, diving for the sticks on the sideline and coming up 3 yards short, or putting his head down and getting broken… The dude looks like he shouldn’t even be out there. And after this play he no longer was.

Sweet run there, Rockstar.

That’s like the lead singer who tries a stage dive and gets broken when the crowd lets him land on his face. And it’s exactly the kind of bush league run that might have worked against Auburn or Mississippi State. When scouts wondered about Manziel’s game translating to Sundays… That’s the play they were talking about. The one where he thinks he can run around like Johnny Heisman and gets crushed by NFL speed.

And the only thing more hilarious than the report from the Cleveland Plain Dealer that the Browns are ALREADY considering trading up in the draft to get Marcus Mariota… Is Manziel saying he’s already thinking about getting with the guys in the offseason to work? Which guys, John? Uncle Nate and your posse of hug-punching tools? Because I wouldn’t count on your teammates calling you back. And that was fast. The rock god of college football is the street corner strummer of PRO football. The only dollars he’s flashing are the ones getting dropped into his guitar case.

See you at Open Mic Night, Football.

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