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SEC Straight Fire

It’s always warmer in the south, but since the end of the regular season, the SEC has been spitting straight fire.

A few weeks ago, Mississippi State defensive coordinator Geoff Collins left to take the same position at Florida. Dan Mullen was not pleased with this decision, saying, “I hope our guys have opportunities to go be head coaches more than leaving for lateral positions.”

New Gators head coach Jim McElwain did not take Mullen’s comments sitting down. Scott Carter of gatorzone dot com tweeted this morning that McElwain commented on Mullen’s comment saying, “I enjoy humor.”

Oh yeah? You’re a fan of comedies, Jim? That’s good. Because you inherited a program that is currently one of the biggest jokes in the conference. Your new university won four games last year and barely became bowl eligible this year. Over the past two years, Florida has lost at home to both Vanderbilt and Georgia Southern. Georgia. Southern. In case you’re unfamiliar, Georgia Southern isn’t a fellow SEC East team. At the time they played, Georgia Southern wasn’t even an FBS school. Florida is a long way away from their days of hoisting the crystal football, Jimmy.

In fact, Dan Mullen was just being polite when he called the move from Mississippi State to Florida a lateral move. If anything, it’s a demotion. Mississippi State was one game away from the college football playoff this year. Florida turned a 14-point lead with under 2 minutes into a loss to South Carolina. Mississippi State will spend New Year’s in South Beach for the Orange Bowl. Florida will be in Central Alabama for the Birmingham Bowl. Mississippi State has one of the nation’s best quarterbacks in Dak Prescott. Florida has linemen who block each other.

It’s good you like humor, Jim. Because right now, it’s hilarious that the school in Starkville, Mississippi is much better program than the one you’re running in Gainesville.

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