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Seattle vs. Carolina

I didn’t get to where I am by following the herd. And The Carolina Panthers didn’t get to the second round by accident. If everybody’s going one way, I’m looking to go the other. And I don’t think anybody outside of Charlotte thinks Carolina should even waste the jet fuel to show up in Seattle. I know nobody in Las Vegas does. You just don’t see many minus-11 playoff spreads.

Then again, you don’t see many teams coming off a playoff WIN, and still staring up at .500. But that’s why I love Carolina. I don’t care that they’ve only won 7 games. I care that they’ve won their last FIVE games. They’ve won them by hitting and running. Don’t belong in the playoffs? They’re BUILT for the playoffs. Beast Lynch has bad intentions. J-Stew has fresh legs. Russell Wilson’s a great athlete. Cam Newton is a freakier athlete. Richard Sherman’s the Hawks best player on D? He may not even touch the ball. Luke Kuechly will be ALL OVER the ball.

There’s some kind of mojo going on with The Panthers. They’ve been through a car accident. A house fire. And now the whole world thinks this game’s going to be a dumpster fire. Not this guy. Not this weekend.

It’s time to shock the world!!! No it’s not. Seattle 23. Carolina 13. They’re not beating Russ Wilson if they had to scrap to beat Ryan Lindley. Carolina’s a good story. Seattle’s a great team. They may not cover, but they’ll definitely get over.

12th man, see ya next round. You’re welcome. No need to build me a statue.

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