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Scott Brooks

Info & Stats: Washington Wizards Head Coach

All Topics: Relationship building over the summer | Summer development | John Wall | Wall – Russell Westbrook comparison | Wall’s game | Last season’s playoffs | Losing to Boston | Improvement | Egos in a NBA locker room | Jeff Van Gundy | Being fair with his players | NBATV discussion

Oct 16th 2017

Scott on if John Wall’s the best player in the NBA?: “He’s in the conversion now.”

Jan 26th 2017

All Topics: Dressing for a funeral | Black jeans | Grown men in NBA jersey’s | Wizards vs. Celtics not being a rivalry | John Wall | Love coaching John Wall | Coaching great players | Coaching Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook | James Harden | Knew Harden would be that good |

Scott on coaching John Wall: “Love it.”

May 25th 2016

All Topics: Taking this season off | Family time | Learned a lot about the game and himself this past year | Time in Oklahoma City | Never taking things for granted | Oklahoma City vs. Golden State | Washington situation | Washington ownership | John Wall – Russell Westbrook comparison | Charles Barkley | Playing with Barkley | Barkley is a teddy bear | Today’s game vs. when he played | The game today is better |

Scott on coaching: “It’s always about relationships with your players.”

Mar 10th 2015

All Topics: 8th right now in the West | Russell Westbrook’s historical run | Westbrook’s rap | Westbrook plays both ends of the floor | Westbrook competes every night | Injuries this season | Changing the way he coaches this season | Cutting back on practice this season | Tanking | Local fan base | Coaching Kevin Durant | His relationship with KD |

Scott on this year’s team: “We compete and leave everything on the floor.”

Scott Brooks

Jan 20th 2014

All Topics: Win over Sacramento Kings last night | Kevin Durant’s game | KD will do whatever it takes for us to be successful | KD is a student of the game | LeBron getting jealous over how many shots KD gets | MVP race so far this season | Great players keeping track of other great players | Russell Westbrook’s knee surgery | Never wanting to lose someone like Russell | Trying to make players better while Russell is out | Westbrook’s return | Kendrick Perkins

Scott on Kevin Durant: “He just does whatever it takes for us to be successful.”

Scott Brooks

Jan 17th 2013

All Topics: 31-8 | Best record in the NBA | We’re defiantly a different team this season | Kevin Durant picking up a few more technicals this year | KD being an emotional player | KD on the defensive end | KD will defiantly be in the MVP consideration for the next 10 seasons or so | Kevin wanting to be challenged | Great players | Some guys don’t care | Hakeem Olajuwon | Kendrick Perkins | Team | This team holds others accountable | Russell Westbrook | Westbrook’s ability | Westbrook’s season | Scott’s career |

Scott on if this team is better than last season’s squad: “We’re defiantly a little different.”

Scott Brooks

May 24, 2012:

The Oklahoma City head coach says their goal right now is: “To win a championship.”

Scott Brooks

Feb 20, 2012:

Scott on Kevin Durant: “He’s a killer.”

Scott Brooks

Dec 21, 2011:

Topics: Guys are very focused | 12 days of training camp and 2 exhibition games | It’s enough time | Kevin Durant’s flag football | Great story | Not being able to contact players during the lockout | Shape the players were in upon returning | Kendrick Perkins weight loss | Whose idea the weight loss was | Still intimidating and menacing | Team needs his edge | He loves competing against other teams | Talk about the ring he won with the Houston Rockets | Concern is on team goals | Making sure the intensity level is very high | Team loves games every other night | Kind of guy Hakeem Olajuwon was as a player | Control effort every night | “The wins will take care of themselves” | What Kevin Durant needed to focus on going into the offseason | Thoughts on the attempted Chris Paul trade by the Lakers | What he did during the lockout

Scott Brooks

May 16, 2011:

Scott on the team goal: “To win a championship.”

Scott Brooks

May 06, 2011:

Scott on Kendrick Perkins: “He’s just a mean dude who’s about team.”

Scott Brooks

Dec 16, 2010:

Scott on San Antonio’s key for their success: “Pop; he is a genius, one of the best coaches in the game.”

Scott Brooks

Apr 29, 2010:

Topics: Red Lobster reference | Lakers did their job it’s time to do ours | Kobe Bryant guarding Russell Westbrook | LA did a better job offensively, that limited our transition | Adjustments for Game 6 | Make Kobe come off screens if he’s on Westbrook | Young team has great poise | Age excuse is built-in for the next 3 or 4 years, that’s unacceptable | Kevin Durant is a special player | Says his Mom set an example for him at an early age | Talks about his college playing days | Not good enough to get recruited by UC Santa Barbara | Asks for some Sandstorm on the way out

Scott Brooks

Apr 09, 2010:

Topics: Kevin Durant no call at the end of Utah game | NBA refs are good | Kevin Durant’s work ethic is unreal | Durant’s so composed for 21 year old | Russell Westbrook has improved his decision making | The Thunder are better on the road this season | Funny how his coaching situation has worked out | Misses beating up on Grant in golf | Enjoys living in Oklahoma City | Strong rookie class in NBA | James Harden has helped us win games | Coach of the year thoughts | NBA Playoff talk

Scott Brooks

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