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Same Time Next Year Fellas

All these years later, and the Steroid Era is still churning out crazy numbers. 36.8 and 37.5. Those are percentages of voters who wanted Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens in the Hall of Fame this year. Tip of the cap to Pete, Smoltzy, Biggio and the Big Unit. Another middle finger to Barry and The Rocket. For the third straight year, they got stiffed. And at this point we all have the chatter memorized.

You know how this goes. In December we all quote Christmas movies. And In January we quote the Cooperstown movie. “Bonds and Clemens should be in because we don’t know who was taking PEDs and who wasn’t.” “Bonds and Clemens should be in because their careers before PEDs were still prolific.” And my favorite. “You can’t keep out maybe the greatest hitter and pitcher ever.”

Obviously – you can. Because the voters are. And while it may not be keeping him out of the Hall, the fact that Bonds was such a bad guy when he played, isn’t helping him either. How bad? Jeff Pearlman, who wrote a book on Bonds tweeted, “He was mean. Deliberately mean. As mean as any ball player since Cobb. To fans. To media. To team staff.”

Cobb was one of the worst guys ever to play the game. But he didn’t take the spike. But be a bad guy and hammer roids incessantly, and that’s an awfully hard combination to overcome. They’ve got 762 home runs and 7 Cy Youngs. And Roidger and Baroid have seven years left to cash them in. Same time next year, fellas.

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