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Same Old Hoodie

Finally – somebody got through to the Hoodie. Interviews are all about timing. And it makes sense that if Darth Belichick was ever going to thaw out… It would be in the desert. The man just won his 6th super bowl overall. He’s set up in a nice hotel. He’s got crazy jeans-and-flip-flop game. Maybe he kicks back with the media around a Biltmore fire pit, sips a sea breeze and drops a few flames. Then again, maybe not.

According to the Boston Herald, this Grinch is no different in a march cabana than he is in a mid-season presser. In fact he might be even colder. All roads are snowed in. Try talking football.

Coach- you lost Darrelle Revis to a division rival, how will your defense change without your best cover corner? “I don’t know.”

Try to get him to reflect on one of his greatest players. Bill- what will you remember most about Vince Wilfork. “I released a pretty comprehensive statement about him. I think that pretty much covers it.”

Try to make it personal. Hey Billy- I know your boat’s called 5 rings. You gonna change the name? “working on that.”

Try to make it about the here and now. Bill – do you get something out of these meetings? “these meetings? No.”

I guarantee you get a lot more than anybody does from these interviews. Dude’s kicking it on a paid vacation and acts like he’s strapped to the electric chair.

40 minutes of questions. Zero answers of substance. 23 responses of “I don’t know.”

And still… I just can’t help but be impressed. This virtuoso made “we’re on to Cincinnati” sound like the Gettysburg Address.

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