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Sam The Man

I wish I could give Kentucky an A+ – but it really wasn’t a perfect performance. Because with under a minute left, John Calipari turned that game into a place where everybody knows your name.

The crowd always comes to their feet when a winning coach empties the bench like Cal did in the final seconds. He reached way way down the bench and found my man in the headband. That was UK Senior Sam Malone. And I think I speak for the entire nation when I say that the second I saw this cat… I was screaming SHOOT IT BRO! Why the hell not? You’re up by almost 40- shoot a 40 footer.

Calipari could opened the second half with 67-year old Ted Danson running the point and UK would have still rolled. Beered up Norm, Carla and Clavin could have run the front court and I still think the Cats own the boards. But from the second we saw him, Sam Malone owned the tweets.

Maybe it’s the just the contrast of seeing one of UK’s 7-footers walk off the floor and a dude who goes 5’11 walk on to it. Or maybe it’s that the cat in the headband looks more like he’s in a Boy Band than the BBN. But I love it, because my man gets it. “There are some people ‘Look at the kid on Kentucky with the headband. Does he think he’s going to play or something?’ But basically it’s me just trolling people because I know I’m not going to play, idiot.”

Get that man a beer! Better yet- get him a high screen and an open shot, idiot! Bron has chosen to take his off, I say that makes Sam Malone the face of the Headband nation. I only hope UK blows another team out so he can knock one down.

Now everybody DOES know his name: Sam the Man. Next time, Samuel. Shoot the damn ball!

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