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Sam Farmer Talks Stan Kroenke’s L.A. NFL Stadium Plans

LA Times columnist Sam Farmer talked about St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke’s plans to build an 80,000-seat NFL Stadium in Inglewood, California, which could bring the league’s return to Los Angeles.

“This is more legit than anything we’ve seen probably in the last 15 years,” Farmer told The Jim Rome Show. “If this were a game of Clue, we’d know the who and the where already.”

Farmer says Kroenke is the reason why this plan is different from several that have been pitched since the Rams and Raiders both left LA in 1994.

“Of the two dozen proposals that we’ve seen come down the pipe in the last 15 years, nobody’s owned a team,” said Farmer. “It’s always been somebody pushing a site or pushing a proposal, now that you have an owner doing this, this is how this thing gets done.”

The NFL columnist says Kroenke’s announcement puts St. Louis in a corner after the city and team have been unable to work out an agreement on a new stadium.

“There’s no way Stan would put that out there at this point and risk a lame duck season if he weren’t going to listen to what St. Louis has to offer,” said Farmer. “But this definitely smokes out that city’s best offer.”

Farmer said the land in Inglewood, where Kroenke and his partners plan to build, is massive and familiar to most.

“The thing about the Hollywood Park site is first of all it’s huge. It’s twice as big as Vatican City. It’s a place, everybody knows how to get there because you go to LAX,” said Farmer. “It’s very very tough to find a huge piece of land in L.A. and this is over 250 acres, its massive so you can have the 80,000-seat stadium you could have all the parking you’d need and there also talking about a 6,000 seat sort of concert venue theatre.. If it comes to fruition and were are talking about the second richest owner in the league it will be serious competition for LA Live plus a football stadium.”

Farmer said if the Rams do move to Los Angeles, it will be before the new stadium is built.

“He wouldn’t want it to linger. There’s no team that’s going to move in 2015, but if he moves it will be in 2016,” said Farmer. “And to play either at the Coliseum or the Rose Bowl for a couple seasons and you could. If its streamlined and seamless and these things never are the stadium could open in 2018.”

  • Sam Farmer
  • Jan 5th 2015

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