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Sam Farmer

Info & Stats: LA Times NFL Columnist

All Topics: Latest on the NFL possibly coming back to the Los Angeles | Memo | The NFL reminding teams that only they can make relocation decisions | St. Louis Rams | Owners going off the reservations | The league wanting to put relocation of a franchise to vote | Doesn’t think Kroenke wants to be on wrong side of the league | Can see the Chargers blocking another team from getting to Los Angeles | Oakland Raiders | Thinks if the deal was right Mark Davis would move to Los Angeles | Knows Mark Davis has looked into moving to Los Angeles | Hollywood Park site | Dallas Cowboys free agents | Richie Incognito signing with Buffalo | Peyton Manning | Expects 100 percent to see Peyton Manning play in 2015 | Deflategate | Ted Wells

Feb 10th 2015

Sam on if he expects Peyton Manning to play in 2015: “100 percent.”

  • Sam Farmer
  • Feb 10th 2015

Jan 5th 2015

All Topics: L.A Stadium proposal in place for Inglewood, CA | Rams owner Stan Kroenke owning a lot of land next to Hollywood Park | Everyone in L.A. knows where Hollywood Park is | Time frame of a possible Rams move to Los Angeles | The league talking about L.A. as a two team market | The NFL using L.A. as a valuable leverage piece for several years | L.A. as a sports town | L.A. Rams fans

Sam on the possibility of the NFL heading back to L.A.: “This is more legit than anything we’ve seen.”

  • Sam Farmer
  • Jan 5th 2015

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