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Sam Amick

Info & Stats: USA Today NBA insider

All Topics: Clippers vs. Rockets | Hack-A-DeAndre | Kevin McHale | DeAndre needing to get better at the line | Dwight Howard calling out a fan | Players feeling like it’s alright to clown Dwight | Austin Rivers’ tweet about Dwight this morning | Clippers post season play | Clippers beating the Spurs | LeBron’s game winning shot | David Blatt being over ruled by LeBron | Blatt’s mistakes

May 11th 2015

Sam on LeBron overruling David Blatt on the last play of yesterday’s game vs. Chicago: “That’s how it’s been all year.”

  • Sam Amick
  • May 11th 2015

Jan 21st 2015

All Topics: Western Conference | Los Angeles Clippers | Clips falling asleep at the wheel this season | Austin Rivers | Clippers locker room dynamic with Austin Rivers now | Cavs | LeBron and Blatt | Derrick Rose’s frustration |

Sam on the Los Angeles Clippers this season: “Falling asleep at the wheel.”

  • Sam Amick
  • Jan 21st 2015

July 9th 2014

All Topics: Pat Riley message to LeBron | Where LeBron will go | Nike rumors | Blame if LeBron doesn’t go to Cleveland | Which roster is more attractive | Dan Gilbert message | LeBron’s deal if he signs with Miami | When we will get word of decision

Sam on best situation for LeBron: “Cavs situation has more legs on it going forward.”

  • Sam Amick
  • July 9th, 2014

Jun 21, 2011:

Sam on if the Lakers are trying to trade Andrew Bynum: “No.”

  • Sam Amick
  • Jun 21, 2011

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