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Russell Wilson Is Elite

And is there anyone out there still asking if Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is elite. If you are, you either know nothing about football, or your life didn’t turn out the way you had hoped and you’re just here to hate.

Look, he may not just stand there in the pocket and shred defenses the way Tom Brady can, or Peyton Manning used to. But Wilson doesn’t need to. Sure, he can do that. But he can beat you in so many other ways too.

And no, dude isn’t just some weak game manager either. He just posted one of the best playoff game quarterback ratings ever. And came up big when it mattered most – 8 of 8 for nearly 200 yards and 3 touchdowns on third down. How’s that compare to your guy, Denver? Of course, he’s the beneficiary of a great system, but a lot of you make it sound like you could stick anyone in that system and have the same result. You couldn’t. And that rep that the Seahawks aren’t winning in spite of Wilson? The Super Bowl ring should’ve shattered that, but Saturday smashed it. They’re winning because of him. Hate the 12th man all you want, just don’t hate the man. Because despite what you may think, they’re not here without him.

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