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Russ Needs KD

The Russ Westbrook World Tour just blew through the Windy City. And the Association’s #1 rock star brought the house down again- no triple double in this set, just 43 points, eight boards, seven dimes and another loss. Beastbrook has the whole world geeking, but meanwhile the Thunder are losing. That’s three losses in five games, and they just got beat by a Bulls team missing Rose, Butler and Gibson. Right now OKC has an electric front man, but they’re an average band.

It doesn’t matter if the lead singer smashes guitars, lights his pants on fire, does stage dives and spits out mid-set diatribes- if the dudes behind him with the bass and the drum kit can’t keep up… – the show just doesn’t work. I have no problem with Westbrook jacking up shots. Who else do you want taking them? Kyle Singler? Andre Rob-erson? Russ isn’t shooting the Thunder out of games, he’s keeping his team in them. But watching him flounder in the final minutes last night -it’s obvious he’s missing his lead guitarist. Russ with Durant right now is Mick without Keith, Plant without Page, David Lee without EddieV, and FatAxl without Slash.

We all love watching Westbrook try to score 90 every night. But so does the team they’re playing. OKC’s clinging to a half game lead for the 8th and final playoff spot in the West. Durant’s at least a week from coming back. They’d be the nastiest 8 of all time, but they don’t take 9. I’d pay to see Beastbrook go 1 on 5, but unless he gets his winger KD back soon, we won’t see either one of them in the playoffs.

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