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Russ Can’t Beat The Rockets By Himself

Rockets come from behind to do the Thunder to take a 2-0 lead in the series: bottom line: and we saw it last night: it really doesn’t matter how much Westbrook dominates or how gaudy that stat line is, he can’t beat the Rockets all by himself. It looked like he could for about three quarters. But he can’t.

Someone else is going to have to step up for them to have any chance. And that hasn’t happened yet. And when he goes off the court, they go right into the tank. What’s why he didn’t get his customary rest in the fourth quarter last night: Billy Donovan knows they’re garbage without him and couldn’t afford to take him out. And because he didn’t, maybe that’s why he had such a tough fourth quarter.

Russ would never cop to it, but asking this guy to go 48 or near it every game is a helluva lot to put on his shoulders… And legs. And then he can’t get the life he needs, can’t finish and the Rockets come from behind to rip it from the Thunder, right when it looked like they were going to get the upper hand in the series.

Russ can’t do it all by himself. They can’t expect this guy to play hero ball every single night as a way to get them out of the first round. Someone else is going to have to step up, stat to help him out.

But if they just want to stand around and watch him work, they ought to just buy a ticket like the rest of us and watch the game.

And no, this is not another example of why James Harden should be the MVP. These games don’t impact the voting.

Fact is, I can see people voting for Westbrook or Harden. It really is that close. And it’s not a simple as, the Thunder didn’t win so Westbrook isn’t more valuable than Harden. A 50 point, triple double, in a four point road playoff loss to a higher seed doesn’t mean the guy isn’t an MVP. Even if this guy had gone, 30+13+10, a great playoff game, they still lose by 20.

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