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Rushmore Alert!

Rushmore alert! You can’t talk NBA these days without dynamiting faces into a mountain. And Mike Jordan just got kicked down to the Lincoln Spot on the NBA’s all-time scorers list.

After last night your mountain reads… Kareem. Karl. Kobe. 45.

Bryant sits on 32,310 points, and there are twice that many gasbags crowbarring a Michael-Kobe debate onto the airwaves. I’m really not taking the bait. Because how do you even debate two dudes who are so similar: Same size. Same position. Similar game. Same work ethic. These two dudes even SOUND similar. And both guys set their scoring marks carrying terrible, unwatchable teams.

I’ll give you a real debate: whose team was worse: MJ’s 02 Wizards or Kobe’s 2014 Lakers?

Sadly for Team Tankers, right now, it’s looking like “It’s Gotta Be The Wiz.”

Because the most important number for the Lakers last night isn’t 32,310. It’s 3. 3 wins in a row. It’s cool that he passed Jordan. But Team Car Flag is geeking they’ve passed 2 teams in the standings.

Congrats to Kobe for breaking into the Top 4. But The Tankers are tripping he’s going to lose them their Top 5 pick. I’m not exactly sure what the Lakers are trying to prove by showing up every night, and trying. But this winning nonsense needs to stop.

And it needs to stop now! The Mamba’s standing above Michael Jordan. But you know the Lakers are enraging Magic Johnson.

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