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Rolling With The Zags In March

Anybody who has Gonzaga advancing in their office pool – probably had their grip on going up against Iowa. Because let’s be real -the Zags have mastered two things – getting into the dance, and destroying brackets when they get bounced.

Mark Few has built a monster in Spokane, but strangely, he has never made it past the Sweet 16. Never made that one deep run in the NCAA tourney. So rolling with Zags in March can be dicey. Especially against an Iowa team that won their opener by 31. But as it turns out, they’re lucky they stayed within 40 of Gonzaga.

If you penciled in Gonzaga or laid the points, you never sweated this for a second. And neither did coach Few’s dudes. They were so nervous they shot 12-16 to start the game, and you could cancel Christmas. You know how they say in hoop that “every team makes a run.” not this team. Iowa was done.

These aren’t your old man’s Zags. Admit it – when you get to Gonzaga in your bracket, you still picture Adam Morrison pulling his gamer over his porn stache and doing a Nancy Kerrigan impression. Well, let me give you a new image for a new era. Drop the cardboard and hit the jukebox for coach Few.

Ohhhh!! I’ll see your backflip and raise you a handstand, son. Guess how many other coaches in the country can do that and not tear both of their rotator cuffs? It’s not more than a few. And if he hits the Elite 8, I expect the coach to hit the moonwalk and the worm in the locker room.

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