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Rog’s Big Board

We all know Roger Goodell thinks he runs the world. And now we’re learning he wants to OWN the world.

Think those NFL games over in London are lacking a little juice? Wait til there’s an NFL game in Peru. Or Papua New Guinea. Or Indochina. Or Antarctica. They’re all on Big Rog’s board.

We already knew the Shield wants to drop the Pro Bowl in Brazil, and now comes a report that for regular season games, players are going to need their passports. Rog is looking at Mexico… Hola. And Germany?? Hallo.

Rog have you ever been to Germany? And I don’t’ mean at Epcot Center or an Oktoberfest. There aren’t a lot of locals wearing J.J. Watt jerseys. In fact, there aren’t any.

But I get the feeling you’ll drop a game anywhere on the planet as long it comes up cash money. Dubai? Double down. Beijing? Cha-Ching! Sidney? Pay me. I don’t’ care that this country is chemically addicted to football- nobody’s waking up to see Lions-Jets for a 3am kickoff.

Either Goodell is throwing darts at a giant sky mall map in his office, or he’s just googling countries and scheduling the NFL based on their GDPs.

This dude would drop the Pats and Broncos in Afghanistan if it meant a tasty piece of the petroleum money… At this rate, we’re ten years away from Packers-Seahawks on the surface of the moon.

Here’s a wild idea. Before you schedule one more game in Berlin, or Munich, or Frankfurt or ANY foreign countries… why don’t you schedule one distant land known as Los Angeles? Danke Schoen.

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